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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! This is just a quick update and look forward to 2015.

The last chapters of The Glister Journals 2 are taking shape and should be completely finished soon and I'll be starting revisions and editing. I expect it to be completely finished in the first part of this year. I am considering different publishing options, so I'm not sure exactly when it will be released. These choices could affect the cover and title, so I'm still keeping those to myself. The picture above, by the way, gives some clues to Book 2.

Bronze has been getting a revision, editing for length (quite a bit shorter). The Bronze soundtrack contest is still on and waiting to be launched. The grand prize is at $200.00 right now, though I expect to add to that soon. It will be open for entries when Book 2 is ready to send out for early reviews. So if you've read Bronze and are figuring out the songs, stay close. I'll publicize the starting date as widely and loudly as I can! If you aren't aware of the contest, you can read about it and find the clues here.

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A portion of the Bronze cover.
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