The Bronze Soundtrack

The How and Why


The Puzzle


Thirty-one chapters, thirty-one songs. The soundtrack is built into the book—a double album’s worth! Rather than listening to a set playlist while I wrote, it's a soundtrack added after (sometimes during) the writing, more like a movie soundtrack is added to enhance the action and/or atmosphere, though the songs are perfectly Bronze. It's a puzzle for anyone who wishes to play!

Bronze Soundtrack Clues

  • 1. There is one song for every chapter (not counting the prologue)

  • 2. Every song has lyrics. There are no instrumental pieces.

  • 3. Chapter titles are lyric fragments.

  • 4. Each song refers to at least one scene in that chapter.

  • 5. All Bronze soundtrack songs were released 2009 or before.

  • 6. Two bands/artists are repeated once.

  • 7. Songs/bands/genres mentioned in chapters do not necessarily reflect that chapter's song.

  • 8. There are no jazz, hip-hop, or rap songs

  • 9. Some of the artists represented in the soundtrack can be found on my Pinterest "Music" board

  • 10. Eight of the songs were released before 2000. The oldest song is from 1976.

  • 11. The first chapter's song is by my absolute favorite band (as of today and for about the past nine years!)


The soundtrack titles will be revealed in a countdown before the second book comes out, beginning thirty-one days before the second book's release day. But for now I just want to let people know about it and give a few clues so they can begin figuring it out if they want to. The music isn't necessary to the story, but I think the songs certainly enhance it. If you don’t have the patience for such things, you can wait for the countdown, but for those who want to figure it out, clues will be found here.