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About The Glister Journals Series

Allison Anderson is a normal girl but in many ways unlike most - she has neurological differences that affect how she perceives her world, understands and interacts with others, and how they perceive her. It's always caused her trouble in the past, including being misunderstood and bullied. She expects the same at her new school but becomes involved with people who seem to accept her as she is. These friends have their own problems and things they keep to themselves. They also introduce her to the world of horses and riding. The Glister Journals is a realistic series following Allison through high school.

Allison may seem younger than fourteen due to her neurology. The first two books are suitable for most middle school readers, but the series is recommended for high school and beyond due to increasingly mature themes. While the story is geared more to a female audience, and especially those who feel different themselves in some way, there are strong male characters, sports and action, and themes relevant to any reader.

A portion of the Bronze cover.
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