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The cover of Bronze, book 2 in The Glister Journals series

Copper is here!

“We’re friends, right? Nothing’s going to change that.”

Yes. Of course. Whatever you say.


That was last year, full of surprise and change for Allison Anderson. Confident after summer break, she looks forward to the start of sophomore year. She especially can't wait to see David Caldera, hoping to become much more than just friends. But on the first day she's shocked by the change in him. In spite of her determination to remain stoic and independent, she’s hurt by his chilly behavior.


New friends and opportunities, horse and otherwise, continue to expand her world and provide welcome distraction. She’s especially thrilled to get to know her quiet friend Melanie better and spending time with her at Northfield Equestrian Center. Seeking stability in her emotions and life in general, she also finds a strength and contentment she didn’t believe possible. Revelations answer many questions and pose new challenges. And Dave?

Time will tell.

Copper is available in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold.

Get your copy now!

A portion of the Bronze cover.
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