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2016 - Looking Forward

Yes, I know . . . the second Glister Journals book should be done and out by now! I've had some setbacks this year but I'm finishing up last chapters before going into a final content edit, then on to final copy-editing. I can't wait!

It's no secret that the second book's title is Copper, but I'll leave you to wonder why for now. I'm so excited about this book. I think if you liked Bronze, you're going to love Copper!

Bronze received a major revision and is out in a new edition. The paperback edition should be out soon followed by an e-book edition. I expect that to be available across all e-reader platforms on Amazon and Smashwords. Check back here for sneak peeks!

I haven't abandoned the Bronze Soundtrack. It'll still be unveiled in a countdown to Copper's release. There are legal considerations that may preclude it being an actual "contest" as I had hoped, but there will still be plenty of giveaways and swag to be found with the second Glister Journals' release. Follow on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, or here to get all updates.

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A portion of the Bronze cover.
A link to the Copper page
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